Our Leadership Team

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ms. Natalia Trushina is the Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder of LANS Medicals  As an attorney in her native Moscow, Ms. Trushina has drafted contracts, civil claims and corporate documents, while authoring and presenting legal and banking seminars within the Russian Federation.  As an entrepreneur in the USA since 2006, Ms. Trushina has created several successful start-up companies like Global Legal Translations a translating company that is run by proficient bilingual attorneys; Exclusive Limo a one of a kind luxury car service and Group IVY a real estate service company, which branches out to brokerage and development as well as management and maintenance services. The success of Group IVY led to the acquisitions of several companies including  Prestige Marble Polishing in 2010.

In 2011, Ms. Trushina joined LANS Medicals. as CFO of the company, bringing a wide range of knowledge of finance and legal acumen to the company. LANS Medicals. benefits from her experience and contacts as an attorney and businesswoman in America, England and home Russia.  Ms. Trushina graduated summa cum laude from the Moscow State Law Academy and received both her LLM in Comparative Law and her J.D. from the University of Miami School of Law in Florida.